5 YouTube Videos That Will Help You Make The Most Of Your New Blender

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Buying a blender makes your life easier, healthier, and more fun. Many people mainly use their blender for smoothies, but they offer you so much more. We’ve picked five great videos that show you how to make treats like ice cream, and even use your new appliance for pranks!

Homemade Ice Cream (Made In A Blender!)

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Some people, sure, but if you’re like us it’s one of your favourite treats. What could be better than ice cream? Your own, homemade ice cream, and the great thing is you can create it with your shiny new blender. One Pot Chef’s recipe may be decade old, but it remains just as delicious:

10 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Blender

You know plenty of the things you can make in a blender – protein shakes, milkshakes, and more. To really get the most out of your new tool, you should look beyond the obvious and step into the unknown. Brothers Green Eats’ video, 10 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Blender, helps you make some delicious and unexpected treats in a blender.

The husband and wife duo walk you through the process of making oat pancakes, soup, vegan nacho cheese, and seven other great ways of getting the max from your blender. Every recipe used by the pair is gluten free and vegan, meaning they’re suitable for many people. You’ll need a diverse and tool to make all ten things, so you’ll ideally have bought a commercial blender. Check out the video for all the recipes below:

Using A Blender In The Library Prank

OK, so this might not help you get the most from your new blender, but it will give you some laughs – and who’s to say you can’t try it yourself? Surprise, surprise, LoveLiveServe use a blender in a library, nothing more nothing less. And the result? See for yourself:

Juicing vs Blending – Blending Nutrients

To juice or to blend, that is the question (some) people ask. Jokes aside, though, there are juicers and blenders are better suited to different tasks. Nutrients are one of the most important points of distinction between blenders and juicers, which is Sage Appliances has created a video which looks at the differences between the two.

Sage Appliances uses the example of a green juice from a juicer, and a green smoothie from a blender. Expert Dr. Brian Clement (of the Hippocrates Health Institute) explaining that blending kills 90% of nutrients, leading video to conclude the green juice is better than a green smoothie. You also learn what greens have the most nutrients, watch below to find out:

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

We’ll close our video bonanza with the first thing you should do to get the most from your new blender – use it to make a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie. The Domestic Geek starts by advising you use frozen fruit, as this keeps your smoothie cool but stops it from getting watered down. You’re then treated to a Monday through Friday list of smoothies – we won’t spoil the surprise of what they are:

Your new blender is a tool, toy, and time-saving device. Start by using it for making a delicious breakfast smoothie, then carry on trying out new things to get the most from it – even pranks!

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