5 Tips That Will Help You Start Your Own Smoothie Business

The smoothie business is an exciting niche that offers a lot of opportunities for juice-lovers. As the health market grows, the potential for a profitable business grows too. Read on for five tips that will help you start your own smoothie business today.

Think about the type of smoothie business you want to start

There are lots of different ideas for your smoothie business you can consider. Do you want to sell smoothies from a stall on a street corner? Open up a cafe of your own and sell fresh juice? Or even do business deliveries to give office workers their vitamin C hit?

The type of business you land on will depend on your resources. If you can’t afford to buy a commercial space but you’ve got transport, a delivery service would be ideal.

And don’t be afraid to start off small — there’s always time to scale further down the line as your smoothie business grows. So if you start selling smoothies.

Go social with your smoothie business marketing

Let’s face it: smoothies are beautiful things. Vibrant colours, delicious ingredients, cool glasses — they’re Insta-perfect, straight out of the blender. That also makes them ideal for social media too.

Your smoothie business’s social media strategy is perfect for drawing in new customers and connecting with existing ones. Create a social presence across several platforms (especially Instagram and Pinterest, perfect for sharing snaps of your gorgeous smoothies) and regularly share photos, recipes, product updates, and more.

Social media is free to get started with and easy to do. The only costs you can expect are for paid campaigns, and even these are affordable and scalable.

Research your target market for savvy smoothie sales

Opening a successful smoothie business means getting to know your target market. Do some market research and find out exactly what your customers want, then create a menu that appeals to them.

For example, the typical smoothie business customer wants health and convenience — that’s part of the appeal of smoothies. Consequently, your new smoothie venture’s menu should include a variety of healthy options to cater to these customers.

This research will also inform your marketing too. Highlighting the health benefits of smoothies in your promotional material helps your smoothie brand appeal to these health-conscious customers.

Invest in high-quality equipment for high-quality smoothies

Choosing a blender or juicer for a business is a little different to choosing one for the home. At home, you’ll likely be making one or perhaps two smoothies a day, maximum. But as a business, you’ll be churning out smoothies by the dozen.

Consequently, you need high-quality commercial blenders that can handle high volumes of sales. A strong jar, a powerful blade, and an effective filter are all crucial elements when you’re choosing a blender for your smoothie business.

Look ahead to the future of your smoothie venture

Once you’ve established your smoothie business and it’s ticking along nicely, start thinking about the future. Diversifying your business is a great way to increase sales and grow your brand.

Of course, if you’re starting your smoothie brand now, there’s no need to start diversifying just yet. But having an inkling of where you want to go helps guide your business in its early days.

For example, say you start out selling just smoothies. Why not invest in a commercial juicer and start offering fresh juice as well? Or if you begin by selling from a street corner, you might consider investing in a pop-up space during the summer. There’s no need to commit at this stage — just think about your dream and start planning.

Don’t delay — take the plunge and start your own smoothie business today! It’s profitable, accessible, and fun to do. Armed with the tips above, you’ll be on your way to creating smoothies for sale in no time.

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