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Manual Juicers

If you don’t want to disrupt the peace and tranquillity of your morning with a loud, motor-powered juicer but you don’t want to give up the delicious flavour of freshly-squeezed juice, why not browse our collection of manual juicers?

Whether you’re running a peaceful B&B, or you just like your mornings a little more on the quiet side, then buying a more traditional manual juicer could be your answer.

MyJuicer offers the best of the UK’s manual juicers — our five-star Trustpilot reviews guarantee quality. Buy your manual juicer here and start juicing today.

What is a manual juicer?

A manual juicer (or hand-press juicer) is the most traditional form of juicer. They’ve been around far longer than the modern motor-powered juicer. Manual juicers are powered by hand — meaning the user has to pull a lever which presses the fruit you have inserted to extract the juice. The design of manual juicers has come on a long way, making juicing by hand much easier than it once was.

Are manual juicers good?

Manual juicers are great at what they do: juicing a small number of citrus fruits for your breakfast juice so that you can start the day with the nutrients and vitamins you need.   The only downsides of the manual juicer are that it takes a lot longer to juice your fruits, and also requires far more physical exertion because you have to power it yourself. Manual juicers are also usually suitable only for citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons, and are not recommended for harder fruit and veg. Of course, there are many positives to owning a manual juicer: they don’t require electricity, and they’re not particularly bulky, meaning you can travel with it if you want to. Manual juicers are very easy to clean. You can also silently juice at any time of the day, without worrying about waking up anyone in the house!

Are manual juicers the easiest to clean?

Manual juicers are probably the easiest of juicers to clean because they don’t usually have as many components as electrical juicers or blenders. Centrifugal and masticating juicers can often have multiple parts, marking cleaning after each juicing session more complicated and frustrating. If having an easy-to-clean juicer is at the top of your juicing priority list, then a manual juicer is the one for you. They are also easy to disassemble and clean between uses.

How to assemble a manual juicer

Manual juicers are normally very easy to assemble and disassemble — much more so than motor-powered machines with multiple parts. A manual juicer will typically contain a strainer cone and funnel that are simple to put in place, as well as a juice-collecting cup and a sturdy base. Assembling a manual juicer is quite intuitive, and once you have used your juicer, it is easy to remove the strainer and funnel for easy cleaning.  

What is the best manual citrus juicer?

There are many excellent manual citrus juicers which make juicing by hand quick and easy. One of the best manual juicers we offer here at MyJuicer is the Hamilton beach Manual Juicer — widely regarded as a top product for its dependable performance and powerful extraction of juice with minimal effort needed. We supply top of the range manual juicers for customer satisfaction — just read our five-star Trustpilot reviews for feedback from happy customers. Take a look at our range of UK manual juicers and manual juicer reviews on this page and buy your manual juicer today.