Cold Press Juicers

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What does it mean when a juice is cold pressed?

With a cold press juicer you are able to get smoother juicing experience without have to chew through all that rough fibre. No fibre in your vegetable juices means that you will get a vitalising hit of vitamins straight into your bloodstream. Cold press juicing is great for giving you a morning boost, for post-workout recovery or maybe a nutritious low calorie drink to take the edge off those late night hunger pangs. Whatever your reason reason, you’re sure to find a juicer to meet your needs below.

Why is cold pressed juice good for you?

Juicing fruits and vegetables is incredibly nutritionally dense. Think of your ‘five-a-day’ by juicing fruits and vegetables it is easy to exceed your five and get an even higher dose of the vitamins your body needs to function at peak levels. Cold pressing is superior to other forms of juicing because of the way the process preserves the all-important micro-nutrients. By not using heat in the juicing process you will have a juice that is quite simply better for you.

How long does cold pressed juice last?

Although cold pressed juice is better for, unfortunately it does not last that long and those precious vitamins start to denature after three days. Essentially, the sooner you drink cold pressed juice the better it is for you, all the more reason to buy one for your home then!

What is cold pressed juice process?

Cold pressed juice is pretty self explanatory. A hydraulic press is used as the sole extraction method, squeezing out all the vegetable or fruit juice in way that preserves all the goodness.

Does cold pressed juice separate?

When compared to centrifugal and slow juicers cold pressed juicers are clearly superior when comes to keeping a consistent juice that does not separate. Other juicers begin to separate minutes after they have been produced. The pulp and chunky pieces sink to the bottom, the light sediments float to the top and your left with anaemic fluid in the middle. Other juicers and great if you want something quick and easy. Nothing beats cold pressed juicers for consistency though.

Do cold pressed juices have fiber?

To a certain extent this is true. It is important to note that there are in fact two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble, both of which provide you with the same health benefits. Cold pressed juicers filter out insoluble fibre, these are the pieces of fruits and veggies that you inevitably end up chewing when you use a centrifugal juicer. What’s kept in though in the soluble fiber.

Can you freeze cold pressed juices?

Freezing is a great way of preserving the vitamins and nutrients in cold pressed juice. One of the downsides of cold pressed juice (in fact, the only downside!) is that it perishes after a few days. However, with freezing the shelf life of your cold-pressed effort’s can be extended by several months. A great way lifehack when it comes to cold press juicing is to batch process all your juice in one day. Make a whole week’s worth of juice at once and freeze half of it for the latter part of the week. No more excuses for not getting your 5-a-day!

Which is the best cold press juicer to buy?

That’s a tough question. My Juicer have a great selection of cold press juicers to choose from including brands such as Biochef, Hurom, Kuvings and Tribest.