Whole Fruit Juicers

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Whole Fruit Juicers

Whole fruit juicers are built to slice through an entire fruit in one go, with chutes big enough to feed a whole orange or apple into. Commercial businesses and health fans alike go bananas over this type of juicer because they save time without sacrificing quality.

We stock the UK’s very best juicers, ranging from the fastest slow juicers to those approved by renowned chef Heston Blumenthal. You’re sure to find a juicer large enough to fit the biggest table fruit, and our five-star Trustpilot reviews guarantee quality products and service.

Buy a whole fruit juicer from MyJuicer and you more time in the morning before you go out, or pop into the gym.

Can juicing fruit cause diabetes?

People with diabetes really benefit from soluble fibre because it helps slow down the absorption of sugar into your body, along with helping your blood sugar level. Many fruits are loaded with soluble fibre (such as oranges and raspberries) making juicing fruit an ideal way for diabetics to stay healthy – just don’t try managing the condition with store-bought concentrated juice, it’s loaded with sugar!

Is it OK for me to drink fruit juice every day?

We all know that fruit is good for you, it’s why your personal trainer, dentist, and mum tell you to get your five a day. Unfortunately, drinking concentrated fruit juice from a shop isn’t as good for you as you think To make sure you’re drinking the healthiest juice, buy a whole fruit juicer and make your own — sacrifice the sugar and lose none of the taste. Shop-bought fruit juice contains lots of sugar and is high in calories, much the same as drinks like Pepsi and Coca-Cola. While sugar is a real concern with shop-bought fruit juice, an important reason for you to be careful how much you drink is the fibre content. Many juices are concentrated from lots of fruits, meaning a single glass of OJ contains a lot more natural fibre than one orange – more than can be healthy for your body.

Are fruit juices bad for your teeth?

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, all of these contain huge amounts of sugar which damage your teeth. Your dentist won’t be happy if you drink lots of soft drinks, but they won’t be pleased if you drink too much shop-bought fruit juice either; even ones marketed as “100% pressed” are full of sugar. Cutting down on soda is great, but replacing it with fruit juice is a mistake unless you know it’s truly natural. Using a whole fruit juicer lets you make your own fruit juice, ones you know have no added sugar and all the right fibre nutrients. Make your dentist proud, juice your own fruit and keep your teeth intact.