Household Juicers

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Household Juicers

Juicers are a great addition to any household — perfect to make sure that you and your family are getting all of the nutrients you need for a healthy start to the day.

At MyJuicer, we’ve got you covered. We feature some of the best household juicers in the UK on our site, from amazing brands at competitive prices. With our five-star Trustpilot reviews, you know that the quality of these products is guaranteed. Buy your home juicer here to start living a healthier life now.  

How do juicers work?

Juicers work in different ways depending on the type of juicer. Motor-powered products (such as centrifugal juicers or masticating juicers) work by chopping up fruit and vegetables with a sharp blade. Once your ingredients have been chopped up, the resulting pulp is pressed through a fine mesh filter which extracts the juice. A manual juicer, on the other hand, works by hand-pressing your fruit (typically soft, citrus fruits) to extract the juice. Modern manual juicers include a lever which the user pulls to press the fruit and squeeze the juice out through a filter into a collecting cup.

What are the best juicers for home use?

There are many great juicers that are perfect for home use. On MyJuicer, we feature a range of different brands that are highly rated by customers — as shown in our five-star Trustpilot reviews. Top juicer brands like Braun, BioChef and Bosch all offer high-quality home juicers. Browse our collection to find the perfect one for you.

Are juicers loud?

Not all juicers are loud; it depends on the type of product you buy. If you buy a fast juicer, such as a centrifugal machine, you may find it to be noisy. This isn’t ideal if you are juicing in the morning when other people in your household are asleep. However, there are motor-powered options that aren’t loud at all. Masticating juicers tend to be quieter because they work slower, producing less noise. Read our customer reviews to find out what users thought of their purchases.

Do juicers remove nutrients?

No, juicers do not remove nutrients. Juicing retains most of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the fruit or vegetables you use. This means that fresh juice that you’ve made yourself at home is very good for you — and much better than shop-bought juice. Shop-bought juices are usually pasteurised, which destroys a lot of these healthy nutrients and concentrates the fruit sugars.

Are juicers better than blenders?

There are pros and cons to both juicing and blending. On the one hand, using a juicer is very good for you — giving your body a concentrated dose of healthy nutrients which are easily absorbed. You can also pack a lot more veg into a juice. What is removed, however, through the juicing process is fibre, which is important for digestive health and helping to control blood sugar. Blenders keep the fibre in the mix (as well as healthy antioxidants), so if you want or need a high-fibre diet then you might want to look at getting a blender instead of a juicer. The smoothies that blenders make will also fill you up much more than a juice will because they are thicker and contain fibrous parts.