Personal Blenders

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Personal Blenders

Personal blenders are a smoothie fan’s dream, giving you the tools to create a delicious fruit drink whenever you want. Not only are they super convenient, but they’re also a great way to cut down the cost of having a smoothie. Our sports blenders are suitable for solo smoothie fans or come with enough containers for the whole family. And with our five-star Trustpilot reviews, you know that the quality of these products is guaranteed.

How powerful does my personal blender need to be?

Using a personal blender gives you the power to make a smoothie or shake whenever you like, so long as it’s powerful enough. They start at around 100 watts, with the most powerful models giving you over 1,000 watts to work with. Less power is required for the casual shake maker, with 100 watts giving you enough power to blend most drinks. If you’re a more frequent smoothie mixer or have a large family, getting a higher watt product is a wise investment.

Is it better to buy a juicer or to buy a blender?

When thinking about whether it’s better to buy a juicer or a blender, all you need to do is ask what you want to make – a juice, or a smoothie? If you want delicious fruit juice, it’s better to buy a juicer; if you want a smoothie, it’s better to buy a blender. Juicers are adored by people who enjoy a smooth and clear natural juice, with the fibre separated from the whole fruit. Blenders are used by businesses and health fans everywhere to give them a delicious smoothie that holds all of its nutrients.

What sort of blender do you need to make smoothies?

To make a smoothie you need a blender – or really strong arms! A blender cuts through your whole fruit or veg, keeping all the nutrients and fibre intact. You can get a personal blender to cut through any fruit or veg, so the type of blender you need depends on the smoothie you want. A quick and simple smoothie can be made using a low power blender, one with as little as 100 watts of power. If you want to crush up a large fruit or ice, you should buy a blender with 300 watts of power or higher.