Blend It: The Top 5 Benefits Of Blending Revealed

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Blending seems to have become the latest health fad to take the world by storm. Everyone’s doing it, and with good reason.

Before you discard blending as another millennial foodie craze along with smashed avocado on toast and sourdough pizzas (both excellent things, embrace them), you should check out some of the amazing health benefits of blending.

In the post below, we reveal the top five benefits that blending offers.

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1. Blending makes getting your nutrients super easy

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know how to fit in enough fruit and vegetables into your diet to reach your recommended daily allowance. Blending is a quick and easy way of increasing your intake of nutrients and getting plenty of goodness in you.

That’s because you can chuck a ton of ingredients into your blender to create one simple smoothie. You can easily consume all of your 5-a-day (and then some!) when using a blender, meaning you’re giving your body all of the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Including superfoods like spirulina, chia seeds or even protein powders is so easy when using a blender too — you can just add a spoonful when making your healthy smoothie to give yourself an additional nutrient boost.

2. Blending provides you with the fibre you need

Unlike juicing, blending uses every single part of the ingredients you put into your blender. This means you’re getting all of the fibre you need in your diet from your smoothie.

Fibre is so good for our bodies: it helps to aid our digestive system, regulates our blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and even lowers our risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer.

Using a blender is an easy way of making sure you get enough fibre in your diet to stay healthy.

3. Blending is filling

One of the great perks of blending is that it fills you up easily in a way that juicing doesn’t.

This is because blending doesn’t involve getting rid of pulp and fibre. Instead, everything is kept in, making for a much thicker, much more filling drink.

You can also add more filling ingredients to your smoothie mixes, such as chia or flax seeds, or nut butter. These will add instant protein to your drink, thicken it up and make you nice and full.

4. Blending is ridiculously quick

We’ve all been there — you’re running around in the morning trying to get ready and gathering things for work, and you don’t have time to make breakfast or eat as much fruit as you’d like to.

Blenders are quick to use, easily fitting into your morning routine with minimal effort. You can make yourself a delicious and nutritious smoothie in a matter of minutes, and the cleanup doesn’t take much time either. Blenders tend to be a lot easier to clean than juicers, because they have fewer parts and don’t separate the mixture.

Check out these jug blenders for a pick of rapid machines to make your morning smoothies quickly and easily.

5. Blending boosts your antioxidant intake

The thick smoothies that blending produces don’t just give your body healthy levels of fibre; they also up your antioxidant levels. This is because the pulp and fibre of the fruit and vegetables you put into your blender contain lots of antioxidant compounds.

If you don’t know, antioxidants are specific compounds that work against free radicals — i.e. damaged cells in the body that can cause cancer.

Even by doing something as simple as blending, you could be reducing your risk of cancer.

As you can see, there are some incredible benefits to blending. Start your blending adventure today by buying your perfect blender on MyJuicer, and live a healthier, better life!

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