Is juicing actually good for you?


Is juicing actually good for you?

If done properly, juicing can help energize, detox, and rejuvenate oneself, although getting it right isn’t as easy as most people think. The majority will throw anything into a juicer and/ or blender and believe it will be healthy. Unfortunately, the very methods they will be using to lose weight will in fact be doing the opposite.

People all over the country have been boasting about their delicious smoothie or fruit juice and they honestly think it is doing wonders to their waistline. Is it really possible to have something taste so great that can actually be that healthy? Have you ever heard the phrase “If if it is too good to be true it probably is?”

So why can some juicing be bad for you? Because most fruit juices contain very high amounts of sugar, especially mango and pineapple. They do offer antioxidants and beneficial enzymes, although it is best to eat these whole in order to obtain all of the fiber and so it doesn’t cause huge spikes in your insulin levels. Green apples or kiwis are a good way to sweeten your juice as they don’t contain a huge amount of sugar.
Focusing on organic, raw green vegetables will offer a lot more health benefits and will help you achieve your goals much quicker. Please do not think that juicing should replace meals, that is an unhealthy way to lose weight or to get nutrients into your system. You still need the fiber from whole vegetables, and juicing doesn’t provide this. It offers a great way to absorb additional nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, although it should be used to accompany a meal or an afternoon energy boost.

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