What Exactly Are Vacuum Blenders? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The vacuum blender is the latest revolutionary development in the blending and juicing world. If you’re big on your blending, then you’ve probably already heard about vacuum blenders. But what exactly are they? And how do they work? In this post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about vacuum blenders, as well as […]

Best Blenders For Smoothies: Picking The Perfect Product For You

Smoothies are the ultimate healthy start to every day; they’re a fast and effective way to get your daily nutrients and will leave you feeling full — and full of energy. But what is the best blender for smoothies? If you’re thinking about buying a blender and kick-starting your healthy smoothie-led lifestyle, then it can […]

What Is The Best Commercial Smoothie Blender? 3 Products Reviewed

Best commercial blenders

Commercial smoothie blenders are the perfect addition to any food and beverage business. Whether you’re a teeny breakfast cafe, indie restaurant or B&B, you need to get your hands on a commercial blender. Of course, sometimes this can feel like it’s easier said than done. The market has become flooded with a variety of blender […]

Superfoods That You Need To Add To Your Smoothies Right Now

superfoods for smoothies

Superfoods are renowned for their powerful health benefits. Crammed with essential nutrients, filling up on superfoods is an easy way to stay healthy, keep your energy levels topped up, boost your brain power, and get your skin glowing. And one of the easiest ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet is by using them in […]

Insider Secrets: 4 Juice Recipes You Can’t Afford To Live Without

Juicing is a great way to help expectant mummies fight pregnancy pain, for boozehounds to tackle their hangover, or for anyone to start their day. There are a few recipes we simply can’t live without and once we’ve introduced you to them, you won’t be able to either. Gwyneth Paltrow’s delicious and healthy green machine […]

Fast Food: 4 Flavoursome Soup Recipes You Can Make With A Blender

Blending doesn’t have to just begin and end with smoothies. There are all sorts of different things you can make using a blender, from sauces to cocktails to pancake batters, and of course, our favourite: soup! With a high-quality blender, soup-making becomes quick and easy. In fact, you can even create your soups in seconds. […]