What Is The Best Commercial Smoothie Blender? 3 Products Reviewed

Best commercial blenders

Commercial smoothie blenders are the perfect addition to any food and beverage business. Whether you’re a teeny breakfast cafe, indie restaurant or B&B, you need to get your hands on a commercial blender.

Of course, sometimes this can feel like it’s easier said than done. The market has become flooded with a variety of blender offerings from all sorts of different electronic/kitchen brands. And commercial blenders can be very expensive; you don’t want to make a mistake and buy a mediocre machine when you could have an amazing one for the same price.

If you’re wondering where to even start, then don’t worry — MyJuicer has got you covered.

We’ve reviewed three of the best commercial smoothie blenders out there to help you decide on your next purchase.

Alternatively, you can browse our collection of commercial blenders here, and decide for yourself.

1. Vitamix Barboss Advance Blender

Vitamix makes incredibly powerful blenders, so if you’re looking for a reliable and effective machine for your business, then this brand is a great place to start.

The Vitamix Barboss Advance Blender is considered by many to be one of the best professional blenders on the market. Whether you’re preparing smoothies, frozen drinks or syrups, the Barboss Advance is a welcome addition to any commercial kitchen.

It’s been built with six optimised programmes and includes automatic shut-off — meaning you can turn it on and then carry out with other jobs around the kitchen while your blender gets to work.

The Barboss Advance also incorporates advanced cooling technology and an advanced heat-resistant motor, meaning you don’t have to worry about overheating issues when blending super thick or difficult ingredients (or through extended use at busy times).

Other handy features include pulse control (to quickly refresh drinks that have been stood a little while before serving), a useful start-stop button, and a durable blade.

At £599.00, it’s a solid choice for any kitchen looking to invest in a decent commercial blender.

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2. Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender

Hamilton Beach produces a wide range of blenders, and their commercial blenders are highly regarded.

At MyJuicer, we sell a range of the best commercial blenders by Hamilton Beach. All models are sturdy and powerful, equipped with a Wave-Action System that continually forces the ingredients down towards the blades to ensure smooth results. However, there’s one in particular that really stands out for us.

The Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender is one of the best commercial smoothie blenders out there, using stainless steel blades to create frozen drinks, smoothies, iced coffee and even ice cream. With over 100 pre-programmed cycles, and even a memory card slot for your own customer programming, it’s easy to see why we love it.

The Eclipse’s Auto Blend one-touch sensor continuously monitors the blender’s power usage and speed to determine when the perfect consistency has been achieved (this can be adjusted for different drinks and ingredients).

Our favourite feature by far is the Quiet Shield — which encloses the blender and muffles noise to reduce the blender’s volume so that your customers can enjoy delicious drinks without having their conversations interrupted.

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3. Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed

The Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed is a force to be reckoned with. And at £479.00, it’s a very reasonably-priced addition to any commercial kitchen.

With a thermally-protected motor, the Drink Machine Two-Speed can handle dense or difficult ingredients easily, create tasty frozen cocktails, iced coffees and smoothies for your customers.

This machine is reliable and powerful; its blades create enough power to crush 1.4 litres of cubed ice in seconds, and the manually-controlled two-speed capability makes drink creation ridiculously easy.

Overall, this is a cheap and accessible option for hospitality businesses, and we’d definitely recommend it.

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These are just three of the best commercial smoothie blenders out there. For similar products, check out MyJuicer’s blender section. We offer competitive prices on juicers and blenders, we can deliver worldwide.

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